Roof Repair Fort Myers

At Carrillo Roofing, we have helped homeowners with all of their roof repair needs in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida. Living in Fort Myers, Florida has many benefits with the sunny days and the cool winters, but the heat and rainy season can be harsh on your roof.  If you are noticing any signs of a roof leak or have had any damage to your roof, it is imperative to take care of the situation as soon as possible. Catching and repairing a roof leak in the early stages can save you from costly repairs. Carrillo Roofing can take care of all of your roofing needs for you. We offer roof repair services for all types of roofing systems for homes and businesses. As a local, family owned business, we are dedicated to providing each of our clients with superior services from start to finish of their roofing projects.  Our company is certified, fully licensed and insured.  All of our technicians are educated and experienced in the roofing industry to provide you with the best roofing experience and customer service.  Call our office to set up your appointment for a free estimate.

roof repair fort myers

Roof Damage After a Severe Storm or Hurricane

The roof of your home is your primary defense against outdoor elements so ensuring it is well-maintained and repaired when needed is essential to the overall structure of your home.  In Southwest Florida, each year we face the chance of tropical storms and hurricanes.  These natural disasters can wreak havoc on roofs and other exterior home surfaces. Understanding the different types of roof storm damage can help you identify any problems faster so you can have them repaired sooner.  Here are some of the most common types of roof storm damage to be aware of:

roof repair fort myers

Wind Damage

Hurricane force winds can reach as high as 157 mph or more!  This is enough force to lift, curl or even remove shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable to water damage and other elements from the storm.  After a heavy windstorm, you should check your roof for missing or damaged shingles, tears or buckling in the flashing, loose or crumbled cement, and damaged gutters and downspouts.

Water Damage

Water damage can be more difficult to detect but it is crucial to examine your home for any signs of it.  If left untreated, water damage can lead to mold which can cause structural damage in your home.  Some of the most important places to check for signs of water damage are your roof, attic, gutters, ceilings, walls, and windows.


During severe storms or hurricanes, flying debris can end up on your roof.  Larger objects such as tree limbs can dent or impact the surface of your roof leaving the area exposed and vulnerable to further damage.

Carrillo Roofing Can Take Care of All of Your Roofing Needs  

At Carrillo Roofing, we offer roof repair services for all types of roofing systems for homes and businesses.  Whether you have a shingle, tile, metal or flat roof, our roofing experts have the knowledge and experience to identify and solve any problem quickly and accurately.  We are available five days a week and we are ready to serve you.  Call our office to set up your appointment for a free estimate.